Flammable Safety Cabinets

Flammable Safety Cabinets

Store your flammable items in a safety cabinet today!Safe Storage for Flammable Liquids

One of the leading causes of industrial fires is the improper care and handling of flammable products. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. Our mission is to help you store hazardous items safely, thus preventing dangerous exposure from happening.

Exposure management includes equipment and methods outlined to minimize inhalation, skin absorption, or ingestion of hazardous elements. Flammable Biosafety cabinets are common pieces of lab equipment that can substantially reduce the potential for inhalation exposures to hazardous chemicals or biological instruments. Keep your personnel and workplace protected with our safety storage cabinets. Explore the wide selection of flammable liquid, corrosive, combination drum storage, paint and ink, and compact cabinets. Choose cabinet door styles including manual, self-closing, and sliding. Save money on storage for flammable and combustible liquids here.

The ability to keep flammable liquids near work areas is now possible with the variety of safety cabinets we offer. Our combustible Safety Storage cabinets are designed to store inflammable items without inducing additional pressure when exposed to fire. Ranging weight holds from two to ninety gallons, cabinets are welded with steel materials, which decreases the possibility of explosions. Completely constructed of eighteen-gauge steel. All extremities are double walled with one and a half inch of air space between walls intended for greater fire protection. Suitable U-loc handle includes two keys and accepts an optional padlock for convenience and security. Each shelf in the cupboard is adjustable and supported by 4 brackets, which can sustain up to 350lbs. They feature a leakproof door sill and a “FLAMMABLE----KEEP FIRE AWAY” legend that’s at clear view on all of our cabinets.

The use of non-water based chemicals has expanded immensely along with the exposure to these harsh catalysts. Our cabinets are great for any setting that requires use of hash combustible chemicals, which require storage. We understand how delicate the atmosphere’s in which the cabinets will be used in. For that reason all of them comply with OSHA safety regulation 29 CFR 1910.106(d) 3 and meets NFPA code 30 specifications.