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Integral Safety Toe Overshoes -Triple Premium Protection -1 Pair

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Triple Premium Protection with Tiger Grip Integral Safety Toe Overshoes

Anti-Slip, Anti-Puncture, and Anti-Toe Crush.

Safety overshoes for occasional use, to protect against the risks of crushing and falls.

  • Anti slip overshoe with safety cap and anti-puncture sole
  • Composition: Rubber + aluminium/titanium toe cap + composite textile sole
  • Professional use: Slip resistance, toes and soles of the feet protection.
  • Secure moves in the work place.
  • Anti-puncture sole made of composite textile
  • Toe cap made of aluminium/titanium. Ultra light!
  • Outstanding grip coefficient
  • Multidirectional straps : secure hold of the foot
  • Only 4 sizes to cover from Sizes 4 to 12
  • Color code to track sizes
  • Can be adapted to most kind of footwear
  • Reusable
  • Mixed Tiger-grip ® sole for indoor and outdoor use

Safety Toe Cap

Aluminium and Titanium Alloy Safety Toe is 50% lighter than Steel.Visitor Integral is a safety toe-cap overshoe made to protect visitors to industrial sites against crushed toes and impacts. Visitor’s toe-cap is made of aluminum/titanium alloy ( 50% lighter, but as resistant as steel ). With its Tiger Grip® anti-slip technology sole, you will easily walk on wet or greasy surfaces too.

  • Extra-light toe-cap with 200 Joules resistance.
  • Meet the standards of EN ISO 12 568.
  • Sole with an outstanding grip coefficient.
  • Adaptable over all kinds of footwear, with our without heels thanks to the velcro-comfort strap.
  • VISITOR complies with the ASTM standards VISITOR complies with ASTM F2412-11 standards.


ASTM F2413-11

  • Requirement for safety footwear
  • Impact resitance to 101,7 J ( ASTM F 2412-11 )
  • Crushing resistance to 11,12kN ( ASTM F 2412-11 )

CSA Z334-14

  • Requirement for safety overshoes
  • Impact resitance to 125 J


VISITOR is available in 4 sizes, from Women's 4 to Men's 12.3, easy to identify thanks to the color-coded cap.

  • Yellow for small sizes     Small Fits Sizes:   Women Size: 4 - 7.5, Men 5.5
  • Tan for medium sizes  Medium Fits Sizes: Women 8-10, Men 6 - 8.5
  • Red for Most Popular sizes      Large Fits Sizes: Men 9 - 10
  • Green for Bigger Sizes   X Large Fits Sizes: Men 10.75 - 12.3

 Tiger Grip Visitor Integral will sizes from Women size 4 to Men Size 12.3


Certified as a risk 2 PPE equipment, Visitor meets the CE standards required by the CTC, and European organism of certification.
Made of an aluminum/titanium alloy, its toe-cap is 50% lighter than steel but just as resistant! It even meets the requirements of the ISO EN 125687 standards and has been tested to 200 joules, including 1500 DaN compression.

An outstanding grip : Thanks to its tiger-grip®sole pattern , Visitor's outstanding antislip performance meets the standards of EN ISO 12387 in repect to antislip properties :

SRA* : 0.50 ( requirement : 0.32 )
SRB* : 0.32 ( requirement : 0.18 )
VISITOR : PPE equipment wich meets CE requirements.

 Safety Toe Certification

*EPI : personal protective equipment
*ISO 13287 : PPE - Antislip standard
*CE EN 12568 : Foot protection - Requirement for toe-cap.
*SRA : Anti-slip coefficient on ceramic floors with detergent.
*SRB : Anti-slip coefficient on steel floors with glycerin.

1-Year Warranty