How to Stay Physically Active During Winter

How to Stay Physically Active During Winter

How much time do you spend exercising in a typical week? The American Heart Association (AHA) currently recommends at least 75 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise or 150 minutes of low-intensity aerobic exercise per week. Unfortunately, fewer than one in three Americans meet these recommendations. To make matters worse, many people spend little or no time exercising during the winter because of the season's cold weather. Even when it's cold outside, though, you can still stay physically active.

Bundle Up in Layers

A little cold weather shouldn't prevent you from exercising outdoors. When the mercury begins to drop, consider bundling up in extra layers. Rather than only wearing a conventional t-shirt with athletic pants, for example, perhaps you can wear thermals underneath your outfit. For added protection against the cold winter weather, toss a hoodie or sweater over your body. With multiple layers of clothing, you'll stay warm and comfortable when exercising outdoors this winter.

Exercise Outdoors During the Midday Hours

In addition to wearing multiple layers of clothing, try to plan your outdoor fitness activities for the midday hours. Mornings and evenings are obviously colder than the midday. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, the hottest time of the day in the United States is around 3:00 p.m. Therefore, you should try to exercise around this time of day. Along with wearing multiple layers of clothing, exercising during the midday hours will help you stay warm this winter.

Use Dumbbells to Exercise Indoors

Of course, you can always exercise indoors during the cold winter season rather than outdoors. You don't need expensive machines or equipment. All you need to exercise indoors is a pair of medium-weight dumbbells. With a pair of dumbbells, you can perform a variety of resistance-training exercises, including bicep curls, squats, shoulder presses and more.

Invest in a Gym Membership

Another way to stay physically active this winter is to invest in a gym membership. Statistics show there are now over 38,000 gyms in the United States. Whether you live on the East Coast, the West Coast or elsewhere, there's probably a gym within a reasonable driving distance. And while different gyms offer their own amenities, nearly all of them provide their members with a comfortable, climate-controlled environment in which to exercise and work out.

Don't let your health decline because of insufficient exercise this winter. Stay on top of your health by following the advice listed here.

Nov 25th 2019

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