6 Health and Wellness Tips for the Summer

6 Health and Wellness Tips for the Summer

The summer season is now here, which means you can expect warmer temperatures as we progress deeper into the year. Whether you're planning on staying home or taking a much-needed vacation, though, you should be conscious of your health. While summer is typically a relaxing time of year, it's important to take precautions to protect your health and wellness.

#1) Keep Cool

Remember to stay cool this summer by going indoors when necessary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 8,000 people have died from heat-related illness, such as heatstroke, from 1999 to 2010. Heat-related illness most commonly occurs during the summer because of the season's hot weather, which is why it's a good idea to go indoors if you feel too hot.

#2) Wear UV Sunglasses

You should wear ultraviolet (UV) sunglasses this summer to protect against UV-related eye injury. Sunlight consists of UV rays that can damage your eyes. Research has even shown a correlation between UV exposure and the development of cataracts. Wearing UV sunglasses, however, will block the sun's UV rays so that they don't reach your eyes.

#3) Dehumidify Your Home

Indoor humidity is a common problem during the summer. When it's hot outside, the air inside your home will likely be humid. If ignored, this humid air can lead to mold and mildew that triggers allergy attacks. Humidifying your home will help to remove moisture from the air so that it's drier and, therefore, better for your health.

#4) Stay Hydrated

Remember to stay hydrated this summer. Dehydration is more prevalent during the summer because of the way in which water evaporates from your body. When you are hot, your body will cool itself by sweating. As a side effect, you'll have to drink more water to stay hydrated.

#5) Wear Sunscreen

If you're planning on staying outdoors for 15 minutes or longer, consider wearing sunscreen lotion. Like your eyes, the sun's UV rays can damage your skin if it's not protected. Sunscreen lotion works by shielding your skin from the sun's UV rays, protecting against sunburn and other sun-related damage.

#6) Eat Right

Eating the right foods can help you stay healthy and safe this summer. When you're taking time off from work during the summer, you may indulge on not-so-healthy food. By maintaining a healthy diet, on the other hand, you'll stay better protected against disease and illness.

Jun 29th 2020

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