5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Summer

5 Tips to Prepare Your Car for Summer

June 20th marks the first official day of summer in the United States. During this time of year, you may find yourself driving more frequently than usual. The summer season offers the perfect opportunity to take road trips. Whether you're driving locally or out of state, though, you should consider the following tips to prepare your car for summer.

#1) Check Tire Pressure

It's a good idea to check your tire pressure. With too much or too little air in them, your vehicle will experience poor gas mileage. At the same time, improperly inflated tires are more likely to blow. Tire pressure, however, can change in response to the temperature. As the temperature increases, the air inside of your car's tires will expand, resulting in a higher pounds-per-square (PSI) reading.

#2) Inspect Coolant Levels

When was the last time that you inspected your car's coolant levels? Coolant is essential for your car's performance. It's particularly important during the summer. It will remove heat from the engine, thereby protecting your car from heat-related engine damage. Of course, you'll need to maintain an appropriate amount of coolant for it to offer this protection.

#3) Change Air Filters

You may want to change your car's air filters to prepare it for summer. Most cars have several types of air filters. There's an engine air filter, for instance, as well as a cabin air filter. The engine air filter cleans the air that enters your car's engine, whereas the cabin air filter cleans that the air that enters your car's cabin. To prepare your car for summer, you should consider changing both types of air filters.

#4) Test the Battery

It's a good idea to test your car's battery when preparing it for summer. Automotive batteries are sensitive to temperature changes. As the outdoor temperature changes from cool to hot, they can fail. Using a multimeter, you can test your car's battery to ensure that it's able to hold a charge.

#5) Fill Up Wiper Fluid

The summer season oftentimes brings rain, but that's not always enough to keep your windshield clear. You may need to use your car's wiper fluid. Spraying wiper fluid onto the windshield will remove dirt and debris from it so that you can see through the glass more easily. If your car is low on wiper fluid -- or if it's out of wiper fluid -- you should fill it up before hitting the road.

Jun 10th 2021

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