5 Common Health Myths That You Shouldn't Believe

5 Common Health Myths That You Shouldn't Believe

To say there's a lot of misinformation out there about health and wellness would be an understatement. Unfortunately, this sends many people down the wrong path. They make changes to their diet or lifestyle, believing that those changes will improve their health. It's only later, however, when they realize this isn't the case. So, familiarize yourself with the following five health myths.

#1) Eggs Cause Heart Disease

It wasn't long ago when doctors cautioned patients against eating eggs. The general belief was that eggs cause or contribute to heart disease because of their high cholesterol content. This myth has since been debunked, however, with recent studies showing no correlation between the consumption of eggs and heart disease.

#2) Chocolate Is Bad for Your Health

Chocolate is often viewed as candy with little or no nutritional value. While some types of chocolate fall under this category, others do not. More specifically, milk chocolate offers minimal health benefits, while dark chocolate offers significant health benefits. This is because dark chocolate contains mostly coca with only a small amount of added sugar.

#3) Diet Soda Is Better Than Regular Soda

Think diet soda is better for your health than regular soda? Think again. Even if it contains zero calories, diet soda can still contribute to weight gain and related health problems. When you drink a diet soda, your body responds in the same way that it would if you consumed regular soda. How does this happen? Well, the artificial sugar in diet soda tricks your body into thinking that you consumed real sugar from a regular soda, so it responds by storing more calories as fat and increasing your body weight in the process.

#4) You Can Lose Weight By Reducing Calories

Some people may be able to lose weight simply by reducing the amount of calories they consume in a day. But this doesn't work for everyone, and most medical experts agree that it's a bad way to slim down and shed unwanted pounds. The problem with cutting calories is that not all calories are the same. Calories from fruits and vegetables, for example, are more beneficial than calories from candy or white bread. Therefore, you should focus your diet around healthy, nutritious sources of calories to lose weight and keep it off.

#5) Supplements Will Improve Your Health

Granted, some supplements are beneficial and worth taking. But recent studies have found that most dietary and nutritional supplements offer little or no value. You're better off consuming nutrients from natural food sources.

Apr 15th 2019

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