AirGUARDZ N95 Smart Mask (10 pack) / Air+ Active Ventilator (1 Each)

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N95 Smart Mask:

  • NIOSH N95 Approved
  • Delivers N95-class protection against airborne non-oil particles
  • Content: 10 pieces/pack
  • N95 Smart Mask (with valve)
  • Flat fold, premium disposable respirator
  • Available in Medium and Large size
  • Compatible with AIR⁺ Active Ventilator for enhanced comfort

There is a wide range of masks available in the market today. However, they do not address the discomfort and dangers of extended mask use, including:

EXTRA SAFETY Newly developed and patented exhalation valve, giving you increased safety; the valve closes at every inhalation – no matter your working position.

IMPORTANT NOTICE, REQUIRED TO ORDER: ACTIVE VENTILATOR Smart Mask fits perfectly with the Active Ventilator, transforming into an advanced mask that delivers active air circulation while you work.
ACCUMULATED HEAT & HUMIDITY Mask wearers have to endure the heat and moisture that tends to get trapped inside these masks. 

CARBON DIOXIDE BUILD-UP Exhaled carbon dioxide builds up inside these conventional masks with each breath. Inhaling this trapped carbon dioxide can lead to physiological symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and nausea.

EXTRA COMFORTABLE FIT The fit of the mask is designed in such a way that the AIR+ disposable mask fits tightly and securely on all facial shapes, ensuring that you avoid steamed up safety goggles. The mask is comfortable to use due to the soft materials and the padded alu-nose clip.

EASY TO ADJUST The elastic strap runs all the way through the mask, so you simply and easily can adjust the entire mask with a single pull.

EXTRA SAFETY Newly developed and patented exhalation valve, giving you increased safety; the valve closes at every inhalation – no matter your working position.

Air+ Active Ventilator:

Conventional protective masks in the market today are simply not designed for comfortable use at work.

With prolonged use, often users will endure stuffiness and discomfort due to the accumulated heat, humidity and CO2 within the mask. As users re-breathe accumulated CO2 trapped within the mask, they may experience symptoms of dizziness, reduced alertness and headaches.

Introducing STLFLX™ AirGUARDZ™ powered by AIR+ Smart Mask – a revolutionary innovation in protective mask technology. With an ergonomically-engineered mask and the world’s first attachable smart fan for active cooling, the AIR+ Smart Mask is designed to help users breathe better as they work. The revolutionary Active Ventilator rapidly extracts trapped heat, moisture and CO2 within the mask for cool breathable comfort with every breath.

  • RAPID VENTILATION Powerful airflow rate enables rapid extraction of heat, humidity and CO2 for active air circulation - Reduces temperature by up to 4°C (7.2°F) - Reduces relative humidity by up to 40% - Eliminates CO2 build-up
  • SECURE GRIP Ergonomic and rugged design ensures a secure grip and durability during use
  • RECHARGE AND REUSE Fast and convenient charging via micro-USB
  • CERTIFIED PROTECTION The AIR+ Smart Mask is available in NIOSH-Approved (N95/99) models to suit your workplace needs and requirements.
  • 4 HOURS run time
  • 1.5 HOURS full charge
  • IP53-RATED dust and splash resistant
  • DROP PROTECTION durable and impact-resistant

Conventional masks available in the market today do not address the persistent discomfort and stuffiness of extended mask use. Prolonged usage also leads to the invisible dangers of re-breathing exhaled carbon dioxide, which can cause dizziness, reduced alertness and headaches.

Superior Fit
Plush nose cushioning and fully-adjustable straps
Enhanced Breathability
Innovative filter mesh fabric for higher breathability
Certified Protection
AIR+ Smart Mask and Active Ventilator are certified according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009, NIOSH and AS/NZS 1716:2012 standards.


  • Mask (10 Pack)
  • 1 Ventilator


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