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Eye safety is of critical importance when on a worksite. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year, as many as 2,000 workers in the country suffer some sort of workplace eye injury that requires medical attention. The CDC adds that many of the injured end up in hospital emergency rooms, while around 100 end up missing a day or more of work as a result.

For employers, this can mean a host of problems. Aside from the lost productivity suffered when a worker must spend time in a hospital, managers must also concern themselves with the legal and financial ramifications of a workplace injury. All this difficulty can be avoided if employers provide their workers with the simplest yet most effective form of eye protection - safety glasses.

In fact, companies ought to consider their employees' overall health their chief concern, as a healthy and efficient workforce is a productive one. As a result, managers would be well advised to put their trust in the safety products and solutions offered by US Safety & Supply Company.

Eye safety threats

Eye health can often be one of the most overlooked components to workplace safety. Sometimes, workers are in such a hurry to finish a job or task that they neglect to make use of the simple tools - such as safety goggles - that might prevent greater injury.

However, threats lie all around the workplace, making it important for managers to not only provide the safety glasses workers need to ensure protection, but also to manage their employees' use of these items. The CDC notes that small particles, such as metal slivers, dust or wood chips, are often some of the most common items to affect the eye. Larger, equally dangerous threats include nails, chemicals or thermal heat.

Employees on a construction site are not the only ones susceptible to eye safety threats. In fact, workers in the healthcare, janitorial or animal care industries may all benefit from wearing safety glasses, as they can protect against exposure to infectious diseases, the CDC cautions.

The necessary protection

Managers can promote certain practices and procedures that may help minimize eye threats in the workplace. This includes teaching staff the best ways to perform certain tasks so as to limit the amount of debris flying or circulating in the air.

However, the most effective way to cut down on workplace eye-related injuries is to actively encourage the use of safety glasses. Providing workers with items that are both beneficial and appropriate to their industry - such as laser eyewear for medical professionals - and managing the use of the items may help cut down on lost worker productivity and injury.

With a wide range of products from leading providers, US Safety & Supply has what companies need to stock their business with the very best in eye protection, whether customers desire budget friendly wrap-around, sleek Jackson Nemesis or reliable Gargoyles safety glasses.

US Safety's 5-Star Promise

US Safety & Supply offers more than just the best safety glasses on the market. The company has been providing businesses around the country with leading safety clothing since 1948, and its 5-Star Promise remains an industry leading dedication to competitive prices, safety, selection and shopping security, all backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Businesses can turn to US Safety & Supply for top-rated respirators, hand protection and fall protection equipment. Each time, they can trust that they are working with a provider with an unrivaled passion in customer service and commitment to quality products.

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