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Elvex Tectra Non-vented Safety Caps

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Tectra safety helmet equipped with Elvex cap mount earmuffs (HM-2529 and HM-6029) Visor Bracket (VB-30) and steel mesh visor (SV-70) and aspherical Lexan visor (FS-12L).

A quick summary of design elements and features:

  • Striking contemporary design
  • A lightweight Polypropylene shell
  • Four head hugging suspensions
  • Vented and non vented versions
  • Non conductive and general duty models
  • Suspension hangers hidden in the design
  • Rain trough for water disbursement
  • Contour at ears to accommodate hearing protection
  • Design for accessories: 30 mm accessory slot
  • Complies with ANSI Z89.1-2009


The most important aspect of a safety helmet suspension is that it holds the helmet securely on the head. The head hugging suspensions of the Tectra helmet have a low center of gravity than what is offered on other safety helmets. This feature results in a very secure feeling of a helmet that stays on the head. Four different suspensions are offered: four and six point ratchet suspensions and four and six point pin-lock suspensions. All suspensions have three height adjustments.

Available options:

  • SC-50-4P - Tectra safety cap with four point pin-lock fabric suspension, Class E, G and C
  • SC-50-4R - Tectra safety cap with four point ratchet fabric suspension, Class E, G and C
  • SC-50-6P - Tectra safety cap with six point pin-lock fabric suspension , Class E, G and C
  • SC-50-6R - Tectra safety cap with six point ratchet, fabric suspension, Class E, G and C

Non Vented Colors: Orange, White, Red, Yellow, Blue & Graphite Silver Metallic.

Sold Per Each.

Per Each