Tractel K51S38 Additional foot of 7/16 Inch static kernmantle rope

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The ascent/descent system is a manually operated rescue and positioningsystem. Designed for raising and lowering personnel or equipment, it can be used in rescue situations as well as in industrial work access. The system is also ideal for confined space applications.

The main feature of the system is the special design of the double pulleys. The sheave of the pulleys has a built-in antireversing lock that activates when the system is used in descent mode. This locking action results in added friction that contributes substantially to reduce the effort and increase the control during the lowering operation. The system requires only 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) of effort to hold a 220 lb.(100 kg) load.

For further safety, the ascentfdescent sytem comprises a rig ht-hand ascender (left-hand also available) attached to both the operating rope and the user via a kernmantle retainer. The ascender will automatically stop the descent if the operating rope is accidentally released.

The ascent/descent system offers the ability to work solo, operator assisted or operator assisted rescue tasks. Providing a mechanical advantage of 4:1, it allows the operator to lower and raise load with ease and efficiency. The system is offered with two types of ropes. lt is available standard with 7/16-in. (11 mm) diameter kernmantle rope or can be supplied, on request, with 1/2-in. (13 mm) diameter kernmantle rope for special applications requiring a higher strength.


  • Reverse locking double pulleys
  • Right hand high strength ascender with retainer (left hand available)
  • Autolocking carabiners (3x)
  • 7/16 in or 1/2 in (11 mm or 13 mm0 kernmantle rope
  • Anchor attachment sling
  • Carrying and storage bag


  • Additional foot of 7/16 in. (11 mm) static kernmantle rope, the system requires 4 feet of rope for each foot of working length


  • Rescue Operations
  • Work positioning
  • Confined space 


Warning: Always select an anchorage point that is capable of supporting 5,000 lbs. (22.2 kN). Ascent/Descent system must be used in conjunction with a complete fall protection system.

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