Tractel L1T820 Stopcable Ladder Safety System 3/8 in. Steel Wire Rope

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  • Tractel L1T820 Stopcable Ladder Safety System 3/8 in. Steel Wire Rope. Shop now!
  • Tractel L1T820 Stopcable Ladder Safety System 3/8 in. Steel Wire Rope
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The ladder safety system is a wire rope type permanent fall protection system for climbing fixed ladders or vertical structures. The system consists of galvanized top and bottom brackets, galvanized steel cable, an energy absorber integrated in the top bracket and a stainless steel cable fall arrester (the fall arrester is sold separately). Brackets are designed for ladder rungs but can be easily adapted to most structures. A 5 ⁄16-in. (8.3 mm) or 3 ⁄8-in. (9 mm) steel cable is suspended on the brackets, tensioned and contained approximately every 25 ft. (7.5 m) by cable guides which are designed to minimize cable vibration and wear.

A stainless steel cable fall arrester with internal spring-loaded cam can be attached or removed from the cable at any point. It is secured with a compatible carabiner, supplied with the slider, to the frontal attachment point on any approved ladder climbing harness. The user is free to climb and descend with full use of the hands. In the event of a fall, the fall arrester will quickly cam on the cable and arrest the fall. Free fall distance is minimized by a close coupled attachment. The top mounting bracket incorporates a shock absorber, further reducing impact force on the worker and the structure. An uninjured worker can quickly recover and climb down the structure to safety with complete protection.

Mounting requirements:

  • The ladder safety system is designed to meet the performance criteria set in the ANSI A14.3 standard for fall protection on fixed ladders.
  • The ladder upon which the system is to be mounted must meet with applicable requirements set out by OSHA, ANSI, CSA and applicable federal, regional and local regulations.


  • Safe working load: 300 lbs. (140 kg) One person
  • Max. arresting force: 1,200 lbs. (6 kN)
  • Temperature range: -40 to 122º F (-40 to 50º C)


  • Telecommunication towers
  • Light poles
  • Water towers
  • Hydro electric towers
  • Stacks
  • Any other climable structure

Applicable Standards:

  • ANSI Z359.1-1992
  • OSHA 1910.66, app. C
  • CSA Z259.2.1-98, class AS

Avaialble Options:

  • L1T820- 20 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T830- 30 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T840- 40 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T850- 50 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T860- 60 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T870- 70 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T880- 80 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T890- 90 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8100- 100 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8110- 110 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8120- 120 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8130- 130 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8140- 140 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8150- 150 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8160- 160 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8170- 170 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8180- 180 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8190- 190 ft Steel Wire Rope
  • L1T8200- 200 ft Steel Wire Rope

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