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CEP 4885-BK-SF SNAP FOAM-Stinger Portable Spill Containment


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The ENPAC Corporation AIRE-Stinger Berm™ allows for one-time set-up and then continual drive-in and out without ever having to set down the end sidewalls. Uses unique patent pending combination of foam ends and snap-up sidewall supports mounted on the exterior; there is nothing to interfere with the interior berm space or present decontamination concerns. 

The fuel/chemical resistant containment area is constructed with patented hot-air welds producing tension-relieved corners, integrated sidewall support sleeves and drains. The Foam Sidewall system consists of urethane (fed. Spec. PPP-C-1752D, Type 1, Class 1, Grade A) encased in a fuel/chemical resistant membrane cover.


  • The foam logs are utilized on the entry / exit so that a tanker can be driven in or out at will.
  • The foam sidewalls collapse in either direction and snap back automatically to their upright position.
  • The sidewall design incorporates high strength connectors and a two way air relief system that facilitates automatic entry / exit without assistance.
  • The AIRE-Stinger Berm is made out of rugged and resistant 30 oz./32 MIL fabric material
  • Custom sizes available
  • Standard color is black.


  • Exterior Dimensions 14 ft W x 85 ft L x 1 ft H (168 in x 1020 in x 12 in)
  • Weight: 8,901 gal. / 33,693 liters


  • EPA, SPCC, Storm Water EPA, SPCC, Storm Water EPA, SPCC, Storm Water EPA, SPCC, Storm Water EPA, SPCC, Storm Water
  • The AIRE-Stinger Berm is manufactured and tested to ASTM-D751, D1117, D2136, D1204, D3384, D1149, D543, D3083, G-26. 


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