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Cotton Gloves

Get any general tasks done comfortably with our wide range of durable cotton gloves. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!Work gloves that are made from cotton are one of the most comfortable and warm type of gloves that you can use. They are great if you need comfort, dexterity, and great fitting for general tasks.

Common Features of Cotton Gloves are:

  • One of the most affordable types of work gloves yet can serve a lot of workplace applications
  • Unlike coated gloves, cotton gloves are mostly reversible
  • Snug fit prevents dirt and other debris from getting into your hands once worn
  • The cotton fabric is great for those with sensitive skin and with allergic reactions to coated gloves

Here at Safety Company, we offer a wide range of cotton gloves that are very affordable and easy to maintain. Contact us or ask your safety personnel to get the right pair today!