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Powered APR

Keep your staff protected from high-risk aerosol-generating environment and TB outbreak with our wide range of powered APR. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!There are a lot of types of respirators, and the right type depends on your needs and situations where you will use them. If you're working in a high-risk aerosol-generating work place or hospitals and other places with TB outbreak, a powered APR (air-purifying respirator) is the best option. 

Powered APR: Requirements and Specifications

Before you buy any powered APR, you need to know basic features, and requirements for acquiring and usage. First, a powered APR is a type of respirator that's battery-operated, and available using half or full facepiece. It has breathing tubes, battery-operated blower, and particulate filters. The powered APR works by using its blower to pass contaminated air through a particulate filter. The filtered air goes to facepiece while removing its contaminants. Constant flow of filtered air provides immediate cooling comfort to the wearer.

Since this type of respirator requires battery usage, anyone who will use it must be instructed on wearing one properly. Keeping it clean before and after use can make powered APRs usage longer, and also steered away from other contaminants that might have sticked while wearing it. Also, the particulate filters that's going to be used in a powered apr should be NIOSH-approved. 

Here at Safety Company, we provide a wide range of powered APRs, parts, and particulate filters for your convenience. Contact us or ask your safety personnel to learn more of the type of powered APR for your needs today!