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Winter Liners

 Get protected against cold with our warm and comfy winter liners.A winter liner is one of the most important pieces of gear you can use to keep warm in winter weather. Whether crafted from soft fleece, strong twill or high-tech flame retardant materials, a winter liner prevents the loss of heat through your head, where 90% of all body heat is lost. High quality winter liners allow specialized equipment like hard hats to continue to keep you safe in a work zone or inclement weather conditions.

Warm Headwear

Proper protection for your face prevents frost bite and wind injuries, keeping you warm and safe. Advanced materials that allow your skin to breathe help prevent sweating, one of the most dangerous effects of improperly made winter clothing. Top quality liners are designed to fit over specialized equipment. This allows you to comfortably move around freely, eliminating the dangers associated with poorly fit equipment.