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Always stay dry during heavy rainfall with our durable and water-proof raincoats and other rainwear. Investing in the appropriate rain gear for both, men and women, is always necessary. When working on a construction site, directing traffic or helping kids get to their school buses having highly resistant rain gear, enhances your ability to complete daily tasks. It also helps you become more visible to oncoming traffic or staff searching for all employers.

Raincoats & More

Safety Company specializes in all kinds of rainwear including:

  • Coleman rain parkas and bibs
  • 3-piece PVC nylon rain suits
  • Classic rain coats
  • and Reflective Suits

Performance rainwear is essential to working in extreme weather conditions. Select any of our rainwear products to ensure that the next rainy day doesn’t hinder your capabilities. Stay dry and stand out with our protective rainwear.