Insulated Coverall

Insulated Coverall

Protect you and your workers from extremely cold environments. Buy men insulated coveralls and womens insulated coveralls to save up to 35% today!Great Protection from Cold Environment with Men's and Women's Insulated Coveralls

Do you and your workers work in chilly places such as chemical laboratories or snowy countrysides? It's important, more than ever, that you are all protected from extremely low temperature environment.

Here at Safety Company, we offer you a wide range of men and women's insulated coveralls to keep your body heat regulated whenever you wear it. Our collection offers wide range of sizes and features to meet men and women's needs from an insulated coverall, aside from low temperature protection. Each insulated coverall is made from high-quality material to effectively: 

    • Prevent the wind from lowering your body heat and replace the layer of warm air near to your own body.
    • Keep your whole body insulated by setting up a layer of still air in its fabric.
    • Additional pockets for your tools and gadgets to keep you ready and always on the go.

Note: For your overall convenience, check with your safety personnel first to know the right type of protective clothing you will need for your work.

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