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Sqwincher Beverages

Make hydration an everyday habit with our wide range of sqwincher and other electrolyte drinks to keep your body safe from dehydration. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!Electrolyte drinks are ideal for heat related stress. Heat related stress can occur when workers are mandated to work in hot conditions for a lengthy period of time. Workers in mining, construction, agriculture, factory, and oil rig are consistently exposed to head related stress, especially during the summer. Heat exhaustion can be fatal and may lead to death, if not taking care of quickly.

Ready-to-drink Electrolyte Beverages and Dry Mix Packs

Maintaining a normal body temperature during heat exhaustion is vital, when the body isn't able to maintain a normal temperature there are serious ramifications. Electrolyte replacement drinks are more effective than water during heat related stress. There has been a plethora of data to back this up. Water is absorbed much more slowly and doesn't have the electrolytes needed to keep the body running properly.

If you were to drink electrolyte replacements drinks as opposed to water, your body would absorb the electrolyte replacement drink 98% faster in the first minute then a glass of water would, that's a staggering rate. Electrolyte drinks are very economical, Companies in work related fields that are prone to heat stress should consider electrolyte replacement drinks as a viable solution to heat exhaustion and a much better alternative to H2O.