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Burn Care

Provide immediate relief from minor burns on your skin with our easy-to-use burn care supplies.At Safety Company, you'll find all of the burn care products necessary for any residential, commercial or industrial need. A fully-stocked burn first aid kit can sooth pain, reduce inflammation, and prevent worsening conditions. Our products are high quality, designed to be easy application and highly effective recovery results. Burns need fast and appropriate treatment. This may include topical products to reduce inflammation and pain to fire blankets that stop large burns.

Treating Burn Wounds

Choose topical products such as Burn Pump Spray, BurnX Cooling Gels and wool blankets. Keep your first aid kit stocked with burn supplies including burn creams, dressings and fire blankets. You can also purchase a fully stocked burn first aid kit that contains many of the supplies you need. Shop our large selection of emergency burn relief products including comprehensive burn relief kits ideal for most commercial needs.