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Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Our collection of horizontal lifelines gets you working on your task with ease. Buy it now and save costs and lives today!Reliable Roofing/Horizontal Safety Equipment

Horizontal lifeline systems are designed to keep workers securely connected or attached to elevated surfaces like a balcony or high roof structures. Incredibly dependable, the horizontal lifeline systems can be installed on steel or concrete and most can be used in conjunction with other anchorage connectors. They are available in simple easy-to-use designs that are suitable for even the toughest working environments.

Tailor any of our adjustable horizontal lifeline systems to your specific safety needs. Some systems can support three workers at a time, giving each continuous protection from fall hazards.

The systems are well designed to accommodate buildings of varying shapes and corners. Available in overhead mounting, floor-level and side-mount wall options, and manufactured with weather resistant components, horizontal lifeline systems provide your working environment with the ultimate protection.