Protect your head from bumps and falling objects with safety helmets. Buy it now and save up to 35% today!Everyday Work: Protective Head Gears

When an industrial project takes you to new heights, a fall protection helmet is essential in making sure you stay safe whenever you're on the job. Enjoy a sense of security with versatile Petzl helmets. Available in universal sizes with durable Vertex material for added protection. Our Petzl helmets meet ANSI class E standards and provide closable vent holes for added comfort.

The Petzl Vertx Best Helmet takes the concept of quality, a step further by using thermoformed plastic for added strength and durability. Secure and comfortable strappings make our fall protection helmets fall flexible to use for any worker. The OSHA regulations specify the use of safety helmets on a construction site. It is the responsibility of the employer to carry out a risk assessment and to supply a recommended helmet.

In accordance with regulation 3.36, safety helmets must be worn at a construction site if there is a risk of being struck on the head at any point in time. Employers have the duty under the Act to supply and retain a safe working environment. Achieving this responsibility includes abiding by the prerequisite that is the role of the employer or person having control of the work environment. If the employer recognizes a hazard and judges that the probability of injury or harm would be decreased by the use of a helmet then they must ensure that the person utilizing the helmet is instructed in relation to the correct fitting, use, choice, testing, upkeep and storage of the protective head gear.

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