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Fall Arrest Rescue Kits

Work on high places with ease through our fall arrest rescue kits that's durable and long-lasting.Heavy-Duty Emergency Fall Restraint Systems

Whether your workers are completing maintenance on a construction site or out on the roof of a residential/commercial structure, their fall protection system needs special components to ensure overall safety.

During a stressful, unexpected peer-rescue situation, Fall Arrest Rescue Kits deliver peace of mind. The rescuer remotely attaches the system to the suspended worker while remaining securely anchored. All rescue components are contained in one package to make storage easy.

Our selection of Fall Arrest Rescue Kits offer:

• A quick solution for prompt rescue – no assembly required
• Quick to raise or lower a fallen worker to safety – avoiding suspension trauma
• A highly dependable rescue solution that promotes worker/workplace safety and corporate rescue plans

Our easy-to-use Fall Arrest Rescue Kits are comfortable, easy to use, adjustable, durable, and reliable. Each kit offers a complete set-up for convenient fall arrest compliance and safety on the job.