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Confined space Pumps

Protect your self from hazardous chemicals in any narrow work space with our confined-space pumps. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!A confined space is any partially closed or full closed space, which is not intended or designed to be occupied by a person. Or, a closed space intended or designed to be at normal atmospheric pressure while an individual is in the space.

Risk Associated With Confined Spaces

  • Loss of consciousness due to airborne contaminants or engulfment
  • Suffocation resulting from free flowing material
  • Explosions caused by ignition of flammable substance
  • Difficulty in rescuing an injured person trapped in the space.

OSHA Regulation on Confined Spaces

  • Employers must protect employees who enter confined spaces in the scope of employment
  • The internal atmosphere must be tested before an employee enters the space
  • Appropriate training and information must be given to the employee
  • A competent person must have conducted a written risk assessment
  • The safety monitoring and communication systems must be in place
  • A confined entry permit has to be in place
  • Specific controls on atmospheric, connected plant, flammable gases and explosions are complied with

At Safety Company, we have quality confined space water pumps from allegro industries, which are heavy duty, efficient and OSHA compliant. If you need submersible and ideal confined space water pumps, then we have all your needs covered!