Prevent accidents and step up your safety with ANSI-approved ladder systems. Buy them now and save up to 35% today!At Safety Company we are committed to providing innovative solutions for vertical climbing that are easy-to-use, require minimal maintenance and provide superior safety for you and your crew. Our unique products provide extraordinary climbing mobility, productivity and security when you are on a climb. Our ladders system guarantees the success and safety of your vertical projects.

Durable and Safety Ladders System

Our specialized range of stop-cable ladder safety systems offers uninterrupted fall protection and easy, one hand operation for convenient use. For added protection, they also feature state of the art shock absorbing technology to combat further fall forces.

Feel secure while climbing with the Yates Range of Rescue urban assault ladders that enable you to scale urban buildings from the outside making them invaluable for rescue applications. The range is made of lightweight and durable materials designed to withstand harsh environments where their application is required.

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