Barricade Tape

Barricade Tape

We have a wide range of caution and warning tapes of your choice

Always Guide People to Safety with Caution Tapes

Keep your workers and civilians safe from harm anytime, anywhere they are; get your caution tapes sealed around the vicinity. Here at US Safety Company, we offer a wide range of caution tapes that suit the need to warn and guide people to safety.

Our collection of warning and caution tapes are highly-recommended for all construction sites, all types of road, and various organizations. The colors and materials used to create these tapes are fully-enhanced and quality-controlled to ensure highest visibility and durability. We offer various sizes and bulk packages that's easy to obtain at a very low cost. Buy tapes that we have carefully-selected just for you: checkered, with arrows, of single or two-color combinations, glow-in-the-dark, laminated, reflective, worded warnings, hazard and aisle marking, and engineer-grade type of tape.

Note: Before you buy warning or caution tapes, always check with your safety personnel the right type for your needs. You may also have to check any OSHA or ANSI standards to get the best warning tape you need.

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