Elvex BrushGuard CoolGuard Muffs with Face Protection

  • EV-HB-7000
  • EV-HB-3000
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Product Description

Elvex BrushGuard CoolGuard Muffs with Face Protection

When more than one type of protection is required, the solution can end up being cumbersome. Elvex has combined hearing and face protection into one handy solution, which is easier to use, more lightweight and also less expensive than the use of separate hearing and face protection devices. The high performance muff provides 27 dB NRR. The nylon mesh visor model is for outdoor applications, where ventilation is a requirement. This is a convenience shield, and it does not meet ANSI requirements. The polycarbonate shield version meets ANSI high velocity requirements. Observe that ANSI Z87 requires the use of suitable eye protection, in addition to the use of face shields.

Available Models:


Elvex BrushGuard was designed with operators of outdoor power equipment in mind. When using a line trimmer, power blower, edger or mower you are exposed to both noise and flying debris. The BrushGuard products are the perfect solution for these work environments, by providing both hearing and face protection in one lightweight combination. BrushGuard with nylon screen, 27 NRR. UPC# 72929482700.


Elvex CoolGuard was designed with assembly and production line workers in mind. There are many environments where workers are exposed to both noise and flying debris, in either particle or liquid form. CoolGuard provides a lightweight alternative to the use of separate earmuff and headgear with face shield. CoolGuard, equalizer muff with Lexan face shield, 27 NRR. UPC# 72929482300.


Nylon mesh shield visor for EV-HB-7000 OR EV-VK-3000.


Replacement Lexan impact and heat resistant face shield for EV-HB-3000. UPC# 72929461300.

Sold Each.

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